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Hey Cookie Connoisseur!


We are Shon and Menia Johnson. I, Shon, "The Big Softy" began baking in our kitchen about 5 years ago, just because I loved to have fresh baked cookies for my family every now and again after dinner. Then, one day, I found myself wondering what else is out in the world for me to do than just work to provide for my family. After a "what is my purpose" conversation with my wife Menia "The Baker's Wife", I discovered that my passion for baking was bigger than just for the family.


In October of 2019, we opened Big Softy's Cookies and life as we know it has changed for the better.  It is a theme in our family that I am the baker and she is the business!! Yes, I still work at an oil refinery and my wife works full time in real estate..but we have chosen to turn my passion into an experience just for you! Every order is baked with you in mind. Delivering an elevated, full flavor, gourmet cookie experience.

We hope that you enjoy!